Mis Listas de Música
      1. The Lost Song part I (1) Album Distant Satellites

      2. Ariel (From Distant Satellites ) Album Distant Satellites

      3. You're Not Alone Album Distant Satellites

      4. Dusk (Dark Is Descending) Album Distant Satellites

      5. The Lost Song part II Album Distant Satellites

      6. Sleepless Album Serenades

      7. One Last Goodbye Album Hindsight

      8. Dreaming Light Album We're Here Because We're Here

      9. Are You There Album A Natural Disaster

      10. Temporary Peace Album Hindsight

      11. Temporary Peace Album A Fine Day To Exit

      12. Electricity Album A Natural Disaster

      13. Parisienne Moonlight Album Judgement

      14. The Lost Song, Part 3 Album Distant Satellites

      15. A Simple Mistake Album We're Here Because We're Here

      16. Presence Album We're Here Because We're Here

      17. The Gathering Of The Clouds Album Weather Systems

      18. Kingdom Album Falling Deeper

      19. The Storm Before The Calm Album Weather Systems

      20. Hope Album Eternity

      21. Your Possible Pasts Album Alternative 4

      22. Untouchable 1 Album Weather Systems

      23. Internal Landscapes Album Weather Systems

      24. Untouchable 2 Album Weather Systems

      25. Hindsight Album We're Here Because We're Here

      26. Lightning Song Album Weather Systems

      27. The Sweet Suffering Album Serenades

      28. Closer Album A Natural Disaster

      29. The Beginning And The End Album Weather Systems

      30. Sentient Album Eternity

      31. L'ai Fait Une Promesse Album Serenades

      32. Emotional Winter Album Judgement

      33. Angelica Album Eternity

      34. Sleep In Sanity Album Serenades

      35. Fragile Dreams Album Hindsight

      36. Sleepless 96 Album The Silent Enigma

      37. Alone Album The Silent Enigma

      38. Underworld Album A Fine Day To Exit

      39. Destiny Album Alternative 4

      40. Dreaming The Romance Album Serenades

      41. Jai Fait Une Promesse Album Falling Deeper

      42. Childhood Dream Album A Natural Disaster

      43. Don't Look Too Far Album Judgement

      44. Eternity Part III Album Eternity

      45. Flying Album Hindsight

      46. Pulled Under At 2000 Meters A Second Album A Natural Disaster

      47. Alone Album Falling Deeper

      48. Sunlight Album Weather Systems

      49. Cerulean Twilight Album The Silent Enigma

      50. Under A Veil (Of Black Lace) Album Serenades

      51. Alternative 4 Album Alternative 4

      52. Summernight Horizon Album We're Here Because We're Here

      53. Panic Album A Fine Day To Exit

      54. Sweet Tears Album Serenades

      55. Suicide Veil Album Eternity

      56. Harmonium Album A Natural Disaster

      57. Deep Album Judgement

      58. Lovelorn Rhapsody Album Serenades

      59. Angelica Album Hindsight

      60. Thin Air Album We're Here Because We're Here

      61. Inner Silence Album Alternative 4

      62. Unchained (Tales Of The Unexpected) Album Hindsight

      63. Universal Album We're Here Because We're Here

      64. Make It Right (F.F.S) Album Judgement

      65. Barriers Album A Fine Day To Exit

      66. The Beloved Album Eternity

      67. Eternity Part I Album Eternity

      68. The Lost Child Album Weather Systems

      69. Empty Album Alternative 4

      70. And I Lust Album Serenades

      71. Inner Silence Album Hindsight

      72. Radiance Album Eternity

      73. Sunset of Age Album Falling Deeper

      74. Re-Connect Album Alternative 4

      75. Ascension Album Eternity

      76. They Die Album Falling Deeper

      77. Where Shadows Dance Album Serenades

      78. Looking Outside Inside Album A Fine Day To Exit

      79. Feel Album Alternative 4

      80. Wings of God Album Judgement

      81. Everything Album We're Here Because We're Here

      82. The (Will Always) Die Album Serenades

      83. Forgotten Hopes Album Judgement

      84. A Natural Disaster Album A Natural Disaster

      85. Angels Walk Among Us Album We're Here Because We're Here

      86. Pitiless Album Judgement

      87. Flying Album A Natural Disaster

      88. Goodbye Cruel World Album Alternative 4

      89. The Silent Enigma Orchestral Album The Silent Enigma

      90. Violence Album A Natural Disaster

      91. Lost Control Album Alternative 4

      92. Regret Album Alternative 4

      93. Scars Of The Old Stream Album Serenades

      94. Anyone, Anywhere Album Judgement

      95. Cries on the Wind Album Eternity

      96. A Fine Day To Exit Album A Fine Day To Exit

      97. Sunset of Age Album The Silent Enigma

      98. Black Orchid Album The Silent Enigma

      99. Nocturnal Emission Album The Silent Enigma

      100. Balance Album A Natural Disaster

      101. The Silent Enigma Album The Silent Enigma

      102. Better off Dead Album Alternative 4

      103. Shroud of Frost Album The Silent Enigma

      104. Shroud of False Album Alternative 4

      105. One of the Few Album Alternative 4

      106. Far Away Album Eternity

      107. Eternity Part II Album Eternity

      108. A Dying Wish Album The Silent Enigma

      109. Destiny is Dead Album Judgement

      110. Get Off, Get Out Album We're Here Because We're Here

      111. 2000 & Gone Album Judgement

      112. One Last Goodbye Album Judgement

      113. Release Album A Fine Day To Exit

      114. Sleep in Sanity Album Falling Deeper

      115. Are You There Album Hindsight

      116. Restless Oblivion Album The Silent Enigma

      117. We the Gods Album Falling Deeper

      118. Leave No Trace Album A Fine Day To Exit

      119. A Natural Disaster Album Hindsight

      120. Pressure Album A Fine Day To Exit

      121. Leave No Trace Album Hindsight

      122. Everwake Album Falling Deeper

      123. Fragile Dreams Album Alternative 4

      124. Judgement Album Judgement

      125. Crestfallen Album Falling Deeper

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