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      The Void Alone

      The Void Alone


      Album: Dreamless

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      Fallujah - The Void Alone Música y Letra

      Compulsion and numbness become
      The only way that I can survive
      This moment is the closest thing
      I'll ever have to paradise
      Color reflects as the night projects
      A glitch in the frame for this life of excess
      Tell me secrets of life and death
      For I foresee my grave
      Forget the past
      Or be swarmed with regret
      A pulse in the veins
      As I wait for the end
      Fighting fear I wait in agony
      Seeping into the soil
      Rust upon the coil
      I am swarmed with self-contempt
      Never again, no never again
      [Vocals: Tori]
      I don't want to face
      The Void Alone
      The warmth in me
      Swallowed whole
      The sequence of the frames
      A young child alone
      Speak to me
      So gracefully
      You saw me through the lights
      And we had only time
      [Vocals: Alex]
      Paradise awaits as I unfold
      Bleeding days into the soil
      Forgetting the child you always were
      Becoming the man takes more than words
      Hate the way my thoughts they sway
      Home is but a place, a cage in a frame

      Fallujah - The Void Alone Música y Letra



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