Mis Listas de Música
      1. Ace of Spades Album Ace of Spades

      2. The Game Album Hammered

      3. Heartbreaker Album Aftershock

      4. Jumpin' Jack Flash (bonus track) Album Bastards

      5. Overkill Album Overkill

      6. Motorhead Album Motörhead

      7. Jailbait Album Ace of Spades

      8. (We Are) The Road Crew Album Ace of Spades

      9. Orgasmatron Album Orgasmatron

      10. Vibrator Album Motörhead

      11. You Better Run Album March ör Die

      12. Red Raw Album Hammered

      13. Bye bye bitch bye bye Album The World Is Yours

      14. I Don't Believe A Word Album Overnight Sensation

      15. Lost Woman Blues Album Aftershock

      16. Rock 'n' Roll Album Rock 'n' Roll

      17. Be My Baby Album Kiss of Death

      18. Lemmy Goes To The Pub Album Iron Fist

      19. Christine Album Kiss of Death

      20. Coup De Grace Album Aftershock

      21. Queen Of The Damned Album Aftershock

      22. Crying Shame Album Aftershock

      23. Born to lose Album The World Is Yours

      24. Damage Case Album Overkill

      25. End Of Time Album Aftershock

      26. One More Fucking Time Album We Are Motorhead

      27. I Know how to die Album The World Is Yours

      28. Hellraiser Album March ör Die

      29. Too Good To Be True Album March ör Die

      30. I'm Your Witch Doctor Album Motörhead

      31. Love Me Like A Reptile Album Ace of Spades

      32. Love Me Forever Album 1916

      33. Killers Album Inferno

      34. Wake The Dead Album We Are Motorhead

      35. Silence When You Speak To Me Album Aftershock

      36. White Line Fever Album Motörhead

      37. All for You Album Rock 'n' Roll

      38. Going To Mexico Album Aftershock

      39. On The Road (Live) Album Orgasmatron

      40. Listen To Your Heart Album Overnight Sensation

      41. Loser Album Iron Fist

      42. Live To Win Album Ace of Spades

      43. God Save The Queen Album We Are Motorhead

      44. Death Or Glory Album Bastards

      45. Desperate for You Album Snake Bite Love

      46. Down the Line Album Hammered

      47. Crazy Like A Fox Album Overnight Sensation

      48. Ridin' With The Driver Album Orgasmatron

      49. Cat Scratch Fever Album March ör Die

      50. I Am The Sword Album Bastards

      51. I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care Album 1916

      52. Dog-Face Boy Album Sacrifice

      53. (Don't Need) Religion Album Iron Fist

      54. Capricorn Album Overkill

      55. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch Album Ace of Spades

      56. Dogs of War Album Snake Bite Love

      57. Lost In The Ozone Album Bastards

      58. Murder Show Album Overnight Sensation

      59. Burner Album Bastards

      60. Turn You Around Album Another Perfect Day

      61. Tear Ya Down Album Overkill

      62. One Night Stand Album Kiss of Death

      63. Get back in line Album The World Is Yours

      64. Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers Album Motörhead

      65. Death Machine Album Aftershock

      66. Mine All Mine Album Hammered

      67. Name In Vain Album March ör Die

      68. On Parole Album Motörhead

      69. Louie Louie Album Overkill

      70. Waiting for the snake Album The World Is Yours

      71. The thousand names of God Album Motörizer

      72. Whorehouse Blues Album Inferno

      73. City Kids Album Motörhead

      74. Iron Fist Album Iron Fist

      75. Fire, Fire Album Ace of Spades

      76. Sex & Death Album Sacrifice

      77. Serial Killer Album Hammered

      78. Born To Raise Hell Album Bastards

      79. Voices From the War Album Hammered

      80. Do You Believe Album Aftershock

      81. Ain't My Crime Album Orgasmatron

      82. Dust And Glass Album Aftershock

      83. Marching off to War Album Another Perfect Day

      84. Tales of Glory Album Another Perfect Day

      85. Liar Album Bastards

      86. Love for Sale Album Snake Bite Love

      87. Life's A Bitch Album Inferno

      88. Stand Album March ör Die

      89. Shut It Down Album Iron Fist

      90. Eat the Rich Album Rock 'n' Roll

      91. Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me Album Bastards

      92. In The Black Album Inferno

      93. Keys To The Kingdom Album Inferno

      94. Shoot You In The Back Album Hammered

      95. Brave New World Album Hammered

      96. Bad Woman Album Bastards

      97. Heroes Album Motörizer

      98. When the eagle Screams Album Motörizer

      99. Make My Day Album 1916

      100. Knife Album Aftershock

      101. Terminal Show Album Inferno

      102. Hoochie Coochie Man (Live) Album Another Perfect Day

      103. Fast And Loose Album Ace of Spades

      104. Shake The World Album Overnight Sensation

      105. Love Can't Buy You Money Album Overnight Sensation

      106. Devils in my hand Album The World Is Yours

      107. Another Perfect Day Album Another Perfect Day

      108. Rock n roll music Album The World Is Yours

      109. Dr. Love Album Hammered

      110. Jack The Ripper Album March ör Die

      111. English Rose Album Motörizer

      112. Sweet Revenge Album Bomber

      113. We Bring The Shame Album Bastards

      114. Blessing Album Rock 'n' Roll

      115. Rock Out Album Motörizer

      116. Dirty Love Album Ace of Spades

      117. Order Fade To Black Album Sacrifice

      118. Outlaw Album The World Is Yours

      119. Boogeyman Album Rock 'n' Roll

      120. Lost Johnny Album Motörhead

      121. Living in the Past Album Kiss of Death

      122. Night Side Album Snake Bite Love

      123. Iron Horse Born To Lose Album Motörhead

      124. Paralyzed Album Aftershock

      125. Steal Your Face (Live) Album Orgasmatron

      126. Blackheart Album Rock 'n' Roll

      127. Under the Gun Album Kiss of Death

      128. Keep Us On The Road Album Motörhead

      129. Broken Album Overnight Sensation

      130. Slow Dance Album We Are Motorhead

      131. Stay out of jail Album We Are Motorhead

      132. Don't Lie to Me Album Snake Bite Love

      133. I Ain't No Nice Guy Album March ör Die

      134. Please Don't Touch Album Ace of Spades

      135. I know what you need Album The World Is Yours

      136. See Me Burning Album We Are Motorhead

      137. Overnight Sensation (live) Album Hammered

      138. Them Not Me Album Overnight Sensation

      139. One Short Life Album Motörizer

      140. Traitor Album Rock 'n' Roll

      141. Devil I Know Album Kiss of Death

      142. Runaround Man Album Motörizer

      143. Keep Your Powder Dry Album Aftershock

      144. Don't Waste Your Time Album Sacrifice

      145. In The Year Of The Wolf Album Inferno

      146. Instro Album Motörhead

      147. March Ör Die Album March ör Die

      148. I'm The Man Album Bastards

      149. The Train Kept A Rollin' Album Motörhead

      150. Tear Ya Down(Instrumental Version) Album Overkill

      151. 1916 Album 1916

      152. Deaf Forever Album Orgasmatron

      153. Sword of Glory Album Kiss of Death

      154. Rock It Album Another Perfect Day

      155. Stone Dead Forever (Live) Album Bomber

      156. Trigger Album Kiss of Death

      157. Suicide Album Inferno

      158. The Game (Bonus) Album Hammered

      159. Young And Crazy Album Iron Fist

      160. Dogs Album Rock 'n' Roll

      161. No Voices In The Sky Album 1916

      162. Louie Louie(Alt Version) Album Overkill

      163. Make 'Em Blind Album Sacrifice

      164. NightmareThe Dreamtime Album 1916

      165. War For War Album Sacrifice

      166. Eat The Gun Album Overnight Sensation

      167. Shine Album Another Perfect Day

      168. Better off Dead Album Snake Bite Love

      169. Snake Bite Love Album Snake Bite Love

      170. Overnight Sensation Album Overnight Sensation

      171. Over Your Shoulder Album Sacrifice

      172. (Don't Need) Religion (Live) Album Another Perfect Day

      173. The One To Sing The Blues Album 1916

      174. The Hammer Album Ace of Spades

      175. I Got Mine Album Another Perfect Day

      176. In The Name Of Tragedy Album Inferno

      177. Bomber Album Bomber

      178. Doctor Rock Album Orgasmatron

      179. Stone Dead Forever Album Bomber

      180. All The Aces Album Bomber

      181. Back at the Funny Farm Album Another Perfect Day

      182. Dancing on Your Grave Album Another Perfect Day

      183. Teach you how to sing the Blues Album Motörizer

      184. Out to lunch Album We Are Motorhead

      185. Sharpshooter Album Bomber

      186. Talking Head Album Bomber

      187. Kingdom of the Worm Album Kiss of Death

      188. All Gone To Hell Album Sacrifice

      189. Going To Brazil Album 1916

      190. Going Down Album Kiss of Death

      191. Ramones Album 1916

      192. Brotherhood of man Album The World Is Yours

      193. Stone Dead Forever (Alternate Version) Album Bomber

      194. Claw Album Orgasmatron

      195. Sucker Album Kiss of Death

      196. Sharpshooter (Alternate Version) Album Bomber

      197. Dead Men Tell No Tales Album Bomber

      198. Shoot You In The Back Album Ace of Spades

      199. Buried Alive Album Motörizer

      200. Bomber (Alternate Version) Album Bomber

      201. Over The Top (B-Side) Album Bomber

      202. Stone Deaf In The U.S.A. Album Rock 'n' Roll

      203. Shut Your Mouth Album Hammered

      204. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees Album Bastards

      205. In Another Time Album Sacrifice

      206. Poison Album Bomber

      207. Emergency Album Ace of Spades

      208. Bad Religion Album March ör Die

      209. Dead Men Tell No Tales (Live) Album Bomber

      210. Just 'Cos You Got The Power Album Rock 'n' Roll

      211. Out Of The Sun Album Sacrifice

      212. Devils Album Bastards

      213. Take the Blame Album Snake Bite Love

      214. R.A.M.O.N.E.S Album Hammered

      215. Too Late Too Late (Live) Album Bomber

      216. (Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve Album We Are Motorhead

      217. Kill the World Album Hammered

      218. Step Down Album Bomber

      219. Time is Right Album Motörizer

      220. Dead and Gone Album Snake Bite Love

      221. Civil War Album Overnight Sensation

      222. Joy of Labour Album Snake Bite Love

      223. Asylum Choir Album March ör Die

      224. (I Won’t) Pay Your Price Album Overkill

      225. God Was Never on Your Side Album Kiss of Death

      226. Same Old Song, I'm Gone Album Iron Fist

      227. Mean Machine Album Orgasmatron

      228. Angel City Album 1916

      229. Nothing Up My Sleeve Album Orgasmatron

      230. Dance Album Ace of Spades

      231. Leaving Here (Live) Album Bomber

      232. Built For Speed Album Orgasmatron

      233. Step Down (Live) Album Bomber

      234. Assassin Album Snake Bite Love

      235. Like a Nightmare Album Overkill

      236. Down On Me Album Inferno

      237. One Track Mind Album Another Perfect Day

      238. America Album Iron Fist

      239. Too Late Too Late Album Overkill

      240. Sex & Outrage Album Iron Fist

      241. (Don't Let 'Em) Grind You Dow Album Iron Fist

      242. No Class Album Overkill

      243. I'm the Doctor Album Iron Fist

      244. Stay Clean Album Overkill

      245. Die You Bastard Album Another Perfect Day

      246. Heart Of Stone Album Iron Fist

      247. Bite the bullet Album Ace of Spades

      248. Shut You Down Album 1916

      249. Metropolis Album Overkill

      250. No Remorse Album Hammered

      251. Walk A Crooked Mile Album Hammered

      252. Speedfreak Album Iron Fist

      253. The Wolf Album Rock 'n' Roll

      254. Cradle To The Grave Album Rock 'n' Roll

      255. Back on the Chain Album Motörizer

      256. Sacrifice Album Sacrifice

      257. I'll Be Your Sister Album Overkill

      258. Lawman Album Bomber

      259. Bang to Rights Album Iron Fist

      260. The Watcher Album Motörhead

      261. Go to Hell Album Iron Fist

      262. Limb from Limb Album Overkill

      263. Remember Me, I'm Gone Album Iron Fist

      264. Smiling Like A Killer Album Inferno

      265. When the Sky Comes Looking for You Album Bad Magic

      266. Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones Cover) Album Bad Magic

      267. The Devil Album Bad Magic

      268. Step Down (Alternate Version) Album Bomber

      269. Evil Eye Album Bad Magic

      270. Choking on Your Screams Album Bad Magic

      271. Till the End Album Bad Magic

      272. Shoot Out All of Your Lights Album Bad Magic

      273. Whiplash (Metallica Cover)

      274. Thunder & Lightning Album Bad Magic

      275. Electricity Album Bad Magic

      276. (Dont' Let 'Em) Grind You Down (Alternate Version) Album Iron Fist

      277. Fight Album Inferno

      278. Victory or Die Album Bad Magic

      279. Tell Me Who to Kill Album Bad Magic

      280. Teach Them How to Bleed Album Bad Magic

      281. Fire Storm Hotel Album Bad Magic

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