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      Fire Storm Hotel

      Fire Storm Hotel


      Album: Bad Magic

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      Motörhead - Fire Storm Hotel Música y Letra

      I didn't see the fire, I didn't see the smoke
      The only thing that speaks to me is the way the spirit spoke
      I wouldn't want to be here when the shooting starts
      The only way, to tell the tale is shoot them through the heart
      Stop and look and wonder
      Breakfast in your cell
      You better keep your head down
      In the fire storm hotel
      I want to understand it, I want to believe
      The only way to make you play is roll up your sleeves
      You'll never know the story, you'll never see at all
      So wear a grin while the walls close in at the monsters ball
      Slide in nice and quiet
      Stop and listen well
      Hope your luck don't give you up
      At the fire storm hotel
      Woo, burn
      So wait and I will tell you what happened here
      The hotel burned, no lessons learned, only ghosts got clear
      They say the rooms are empty but I know they're not
      The way things are in the hotel bar, the devil buys the shots
      Look into the windows
      The shadow rings the bell
      Chaos rules in the empty pool
      At the fire storm hotel
      Take a look at all them people
      They don't look too well
      They burned and screamed, in a fever dream
      At the fire storm hotel

      Motörhead - Fire Storm Hotel Música y Letra



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