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      True Belief

      True Belief

      Paradise Lost

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      Paradise Lost - True Belief Música y Letra, MP3 GRATIS

      Wretched will, host of pleasure surreal
      Closed the room where the last is buried
      Rise or fall at your master's request
      You're unable to accept redemption
      I don't know about a true belief here
      With the 'lost' it's the same as always
      All I want is the same, a true belief
      You can't wait to become a memory
      With the 'weak' it's the same as always
      Stand confused lack of comprehension,
      Re-aroused by a thought of madness
      And I know that the truth is always right
      But it's time to search for lies
      You're the only I try to save
      But the blood spills from your veins
      Call counting time till the end
      Death's wicked smile never fails
      The curse is cast, you've lost the past
      Forevermore, a candle burns here no more
      I don't know about a century life
      When the love of generations die
      I can see no good in taking your own life
      When any moment death calls...
      All I want is the same, A true belief



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