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      Lunatic Asylum

      Lunatic Asylum

      Theatres des Vampires

      Album: Bloody Lunatic Asylum

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      Theatres des Vampires - Lunatic Asylum Música y Letra

      I Have seen Satan and I have seen God 
      I'm closed in this cell from a long time 
      If the Damnation is eternal, 
      a man that wants to mutilate himself is really damned.. isn't true?
      I think to be in hell.. then I'm here
      Helpless, naked, piping loud 
      Like a fiend hid in a cloud 
      Struggling in the nurse's hand 
      Striving against my swadling bands.. 
      bound and weary! 
      In the secret shadow of his chamber 
      the youth shut up from lustful joy shall 
      forget to generate and create an amorous 
      image in the shadows of his chamber and in the 
      folds of his silent pillow.. 
      Oh sweet goat.. here I am, come and lick 
      my white neck.. let me pull, your soft wool 
      Let me kiss, your soft face!!!!
      I'm Satan. I'm God. I'm an Angel. I'm a Vampire!
      Liber scritus proferetur.. In quo totum continetur 
      Unde mundus judicetur.. Judex ergo cum sedebit 
      Quid quiad latet apparebit.. Nil in ultum remanebit..

      Theatres des Vampires - Lunatic Asylum Música y Letra



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