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      Alice Cooper

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      1. Poison Album Classicks

      2. Billion Dollar Babies Album Billion Dollar Babies

      3. Hey Stoopid Album Hey Stoopid

      4. Feed My Frankenstein Album Hey Stoopid

      5. I'm Eighteen Album Love It To Death

      6. No More Mr. Nice Guy Album A Fistful Of Alice

      7. School's Out Album School's Out

      8. Only Women Bleed Album Brutally Live

      9. Simple Disobedience Album Constrictor

      10. Poison Album Trash

      11. Refrigerator Heaven Album Easy Action

      12. Simple Disobedience Album Prince Of Darkness

      13. Steal That Car Album Dirty Diamonds

      14. Bed of Nails Album Trash

      15. Science Fiction Album Science Fiction

      16. Bed Of Nails [Clean Version] Album Legends

      17. Below Your Means Album Easy Action

      18. Vengeance Is Mine ft. Slash Album Along Came A Spider

      19. Pretty Ballerina Album Dirty Diamonds

      20. The Saga Of Jasse Jane Album Dirty Diamonds

      21. I Love America Album Da Da

      22. Talk Talk Album Flush The Fashion

      23. Schoo'ls Out [Live] Album Legends

      24. Wind-Up Toy Album Hey Stoopid

      25. Who Do You Think We Are Album Special Forces

      26. Billion Dollar Babies [Album Version] Album HiFive

      27. Life And Death Of The Party Album Prince Of Darkness

      28. Never Been Sold Before Album Muscle Of Love

      29. Little By Little Album Hey Stoopid

      30. Laughing At Me Album School Days The Early Recordings

      31. Skeletons In The Closet Album Special Forces

      32. Former Lee Warmer Album Da Da

      33. Poison Album Legends

      34. Coal Black Model T [Outtake] Album Billion Dollar Babies

      35. This Maniac's in Love With You Album Trash

      36. Titanic Overture Album Pretties For You

      37. Raped And Freezin' [Live 1973] Album Billion Dollar Babies

      38. Raped And Freezin Album Billion Dollar Babies

      39. I Never Cry Album A Fistful Of Alice

      40. Ubangi Stomp Album Lace & Whiskey

      41. Im Hungry Album Along Came A Spider

      42. Go To Hell Album Legends

      43. Apple Bush Album Pretties For You

      44. Wake Me Gently Album Goes To Hell

      45. Pick Up The Bones Album Brutal Planet

      46. Give The Radio Back Album Raise Your Fist And Yell

      47. Dangerous Tonight Album Hey Stoopid

      48. Sex, Death And Money Album Dragontown

      49. My Stars [Live 1973] Album Billion Dollar Babies

      50. Triggerman Album Dragontown

      51. Woman Of Mass Destruction Album Dirty Diamonds

      52. Wish You Were Here Album Goes To Hell

      53. The Great American Success Story Album Constrictor

      54. Black Juju Album Love It To Death

      55. Devil's Food -The Black Widow Album The Alice Cooper Show

      56. No Baloney Homosapiens Album Zipper Catches Skin

      57. I Just Wanna Be God Album Dragontown

      58. Prince Of Darkness Album The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper

      59. Billion Dollar Babies [Live] Album Classicks

      60. Leather Boots Album From The Inside

      61. Poison Album Mascara & Monsters

      62. Eat Some More Album Brutal Planet

      63. Crazy Little Child Album Muscle Of Love

      64. My God Album Lace & Whiskey

      65. Science Fiction Album Nobody Likes... Alice Cooper Live

      66. Sideshow Album Legends

      67. Goin' To The River Album Science Fiction

      68. Return Of The Spiders Album School Days The Early Recordings

      69. Department Of Youth Album Mascara & Monsters

      70. Hitch Hike Album The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper

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