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      One Belief

      One Belief

      All That Remains

      Album: Behind Silence And Solitude

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      All That Remains - One Belief Música y Letra

      Can not a man of modern day
      Find truth in what he's learned
      Of all the seventh days a waste
      A fool for all the lies i've prayed yet i'm strong
      I'll place no blame
      Although misled i've found the truth
      This one belief, strength for this mortal dance
      This one truth, i feel i'll be set free
      This one faith, i know i'll not falter
      This one belief, i know i'll be redeemed
      The night once called to me
      An eloquent caress she offered
      But i'll not make my bed with whores
      And in the place she left a harder yet much truer thing
      And now by this i gauge the world
      Strength for this mortal dance
      I feel i'll be set free
      I know i'll not falter
      I know i'll be redeemed

      All That Remains - One Belief Música y Letra



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