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      Through Gardens Of Grief

      Through Gardens Of Grief

      At the Gates

      Album: The Red in the Sky Is Ours

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      At the Gates - Through Gardens Of Grief Música y Letra

      Precious Flame of life, so Elusive
      A spark being trampled to ashes
      And spread by the winds of time
      This garden is a silent one
      Nothing moves but thoughts
      The thoughts of those in silent memory
      This they know, this they understand
      There is darkness everywhere, outside
      Morningstar forever set in Zenith
      Uriel ruler of worlds
      Saraquel set over spirits
      the repulsive truth of this dark domain
      The answer echos throughout infinity
      There are so many of us here
      And we are all so lonely
      We are among millions and still alone
      We are in hell, and yet so cold
      Gardens of Grief
      There's no god to punish us, and yet we suffer
      Throughout so many lifetimes in this garden I have dwelt

      At the Gates - Through Gardens Of Grief Música y Letra



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