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      Bleed in the Altar

      Bleed in the Altar

      Atomic Aggressor

      Album: Rise of the Ancient Ones

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      Atomic Aggressor - Bleed in the Altar Música y Letra

      Bleed In The Altar
      Drench out cult, with your blood
      Leave with satan, your body and soul
      The priest are here, the altar awaits
      Give your body, confront your fate
      Hell awaits your condemned corpse
      God forgot your trashy soul
      Be born again from demons bowels,
      You're other devils doll
      Insanity, reign of blood
      Blasphemy aggression to your god
      Bleed for satan, praise his force
      You'll not escape, from his curse
      Hear the call, of the damned
      Soon you'll fall, into darkness
      Your end is near give your soul, offering of blood
      Kiss the goat in ecstasy and let him take your corpse
      In hell you'll see the condemnation that awaits to your soul
      Deformed demons slaves of satan, awaits your lethal fall
      Deadly hour of heresy, in your mind insanity
      Fatal feeling, from below
      proclaim your end, your death come slow
      Your flesh is cold, demons delight
      Now in The altar, you die
      In the altar, your blood runs red
      Now your destiny, is suffer in hell
      Join with damned, all is end
      Now in hell, pay will you pain
      The mass is finished, satan is fed
      Your soul is damned, your body is dead

      Atomic Aggressor - Bleed in the Altar Música y Letra



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