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      Horns Of Baphomet

      Horns Of Baphomet


      Album: Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)

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      Behemoth - Horns Of Baphomet Música y Letra

      Rise thy horns
      For I'm at one with the dark
      Divine presence ascends
      Touching the forehead ov god
      Hark! I was not, I have become
      In rapture, in vengeance, in blood
      From word into flesh
      From man into god
      "Strive ever to more"
      So spake the wisdom ov snake
      "Hold up thyself"
      Sayeth the law ov the brave
      Beyond all I am
      Let it be known
      Within my blood fire stirs
      Thee I invoke, The Unspoken One
      As the wolf among sheep yet cower I do not
      Victorious, glorious, constantly thirsting
      And as the anger fuels my heart and will
      No longer fear that which feeble men fear
      "No rest for conquerors!", Legions of Typhon Seth await
      Conquering child ov Mars breathes out war formula
      "Ain Soph Aur
      Protect my ways
      Enlighten my paths
      Consume me with thy rays"
      I, the heart ov Tiphareth is waiting
      The centre and secret ov the Sun
      I invoke the Sothis rites, as day and night I'm reborn
      ...We shall all be one with the flames, from above...

      Behemoth - Horns Of Baphomet Música y Letra



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