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      State Of The World Address

      State Of The World Address


      Album: State Of The World Address

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      Biohazard - State Of The World Address Música y Letra

      Just look at the state we're in
      People at odds there's nuclear fission
      Mad beef with technology
      Shit ain't right, not like it used to be
      We pollute the air we breathe
      And the water that we drink
      Modern tempers rage and seethe
      Why don't we stop and think
      At the current rate we're sealing our fate
      It's much too late for a world based on hate
      We've entered the time of quarrel
      Human beings can't coexist
      No more respect for morals
      Our values have been dismissed
      It starts in vicious circles and then it filters down
      From governments to local gangs
      Confrontation all around
      State of panic we hang by a thread
      The earth will be safe when we're all dead
      Call me pessimistic, the glass is empty
      After the blast a new society
      Fear spawns greed and see what it brings
      A world where no one enjoys the small things
      Happiness comes from these and within
      But we will never find it if we're boiling in sin

      Biohazard - State Of The World Address Música y Letra



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