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      Album: Candlemass

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      Candlemass - Spellbreaker Música y Letra

      Walking 'round and 'round in circles
      Locked inside himself
      The funny farm where he can't hurt us
      Or what we all believe
      Mute and deaf with no obsessions
      A broken watch he got
      He's the one that got no questions
      Not a word to breathe
      And there you see that he flies
      Across the room like a swan
      The colours sparkle and change
      Stars are born 'round a flashing sun
      Then it all just stopped, the temperature it dropped
      It was so quiet I couldn't hear the sound of grief no more
      We walked into the room, the small and padded room
      I looked down on/at the man that lay/laid crying on the floor
      The Mother of Life is a Whore
      Always drooling walking backwards
      Never dries his tears
      Come and see the man of miracles
      But please don't come so near
      Writing wierd stuf slow and patient
      I think it's something deep
      Then he tries some levitation
      Before he disappears
      A rainy day you too might meet him
      Give him mercy please
      It won't be long until we'll need him
      And all that's beautiful
      If he speaks the world will tremble
      A dream of love we'll see
      He's our all the cosmic centre
      We are spinning 'round

      Candlemass - Spellbreaker Música y Letra



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