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      The Day and the Night

      The Day and the Night


      Album: Candlemass

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      Candlemass - The Day and the Night Música y Letra

      I woke up with a scream in my throat
      Something evil I saw then I choked
      Never thought I would dream of LaVey
      And never see the light of day
      Then the dawn reeked of swine like a slut
      I'm in bed as the light goes so dim
      And the globe of ascent turned to sut
      A new night came rolling in
      When you come I greet you
      We are the same
      And we make love
      In the dark
      You can hide, I see you
      The night's alive, I know
      To survive, I need you
      And you need me
      You're cruel and corrupt
      Please make it stop
      I should be fast asleep but I'm still up
      Nowhere to run
      I know it has begun
      I'm not sure I'll see tomorrow's sun
      I ride the mare
      To hell and back
      In this madness
      I sweat and burn
      Every night I'm sleepless
      Every hour a spell
      Every minute a lost life
      A year in hell
      Yes, the day is the czar of the night
      And the moon is the sun's other side
      So the night is the scar of the day
      And the shit won't go away
      Sometimes long and wonderful
      Sometimes cool and full of soul
      Sometimes crude and grim and foul
      The day is warm, the night is cold so cold
      Lost in the dark
      I'm lost in the dark

      Candlemass - The Day and the Night Música y Letra




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