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      Witches (Demo 2003)

      Witches (Demo 2003)


      Album: Essential Doom

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      Candlemass - Witches (Demo 2003) Música y Letra

      Someone stole the starlight from the backside of your hand
      Weak without the magic you lay passed out in the sand
      With controls set for night flights when witches ruled the world
      In a twinkling moment you see cockroaches and crows
      Go behind the great clouds if you want to stay the same
      In nothing land you'll perish when they whisper aloud your name
      A window full of trauma stares you in the face
      You know it's time to scream now and leave this fucking place
      So drunk and misled, face down in the mindless gutter
      You puked and you bled, the lifeblood of the holy mother
      Lame and astray, bloated in the crimson river
      Needless to say, we are here to burn and wither
      Come with me, walk with me
      The voice of doom and new adventures
      Love with me, love with you
      The endless trip is what you're after
      Blinding light, burning light
      From excess to bitter laughter
      Happiness, loneliness
      Kneel before the disaster master
      The night is almost over and still there you are
      Half dead, numb and shipwrecked like a shooting star
      Surrounded by black witches, you don't know what to do
      Weak without the magic, the madness is killing you

      Candlemass - Witches (Demo 2003) Música y Letra




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