Mis Listas de Música
      1. Hammer Smashed Face Album Hammer Smashed Face

      2. Evisceration Plague Album Evisceration Plague

      3. Sentenced to burn Album Gallery of Suicide

      4. Death Walking Terror Album Kill

      5. Addicted To Vaginal Skin Album Tomb Of The Mutilated

      6. Priests of Sodom Album Evisceration Plague

      7. Stripped, Raped and Strangled Album The Bleeding

      8. Decency Defied Album The Wretched Spawn

      9. I Cum Blood Album Tomb Of The Mutilated

      10. Zero The Hero Album Hammer Smashed Face

      11. Scourge Of Iron Album Torture

      12. To Decompose Album Evisceration Plague

      13. Coffinfeeder Album Bloodthirst

      14. Make Them Suffer Album Kill

      15. Worm Infested Album Worm Infested

      16. Hammer Smashed Face Album Deadly Tracks

      17. Gallery of suicide Album Gallery of Suicide

      18. Meat Hook Sodomy Album Hammer Smashed Face

      19. Savage Butchery Album Gore Obsessed

      20. Stripped, Raped and Strangled Album Deadly Tracks

      21. Post Mortal Ejaculation Album Deadly Tracks

      22. Hacksaw Decapitation Album Bloodthirst

      23. Caged… Contorted Album Torture

      24. Mutation of the Cadaver Album Gore Obsessed

      25. Frantic Disembowelment Album The Wretched Spawn

      26. An Experiment in Homicide Album The Bleeding

      27. Grotesque Album Gore Obsessed

      28. Sarcophagic Frenzy Album Torture

      29. Mummified In Barbed Wire Album Vile

      30. Dismembered and molested Album Gallery of Suicide

      31. A Skull Full Of Maggots Album Deadly Tracks

      32. Edible Autopsy Album Eaten Back to Life

      33. Every bone broken Album Gallery of Suicide

      34. The Bleeding Album The Bleeding

      35. Sickening Metamorphosis Album Bloodthirst

      36. As Deep As The Knife Will Go Album Torture

      37. Special Message From Hell To Korea Album Deadly Tracks

      38. Necropedophile Album Tomb Of The Mutilated

      39. Necrosadistic Warning Album Kill

      40. Puncture Wound Massacre Album Vile

      41. Drowning in Viscera Album Gore Obsessed

      42. The Strangulation Chair Album Torture

      43. Addicted To Vaginal Skin Album Deadly Tracks

      44. Brain Removal Device Album Kill

      45. Force Fed Broken Glass Album Deadly Tracks

      46. Butchered at birth Album Butchered at Birth

      47. Entrails Ripped From A Virgin's Cunt Album Tomb Of The Mutilated

      48. Bloody Chunks Album Eaten Back to Life

      49. Bloodlands Album Vile

      50. Intestinal Crank Album Torture

      51. Fucked with a Knife Album The Bleeding

      52. Beheading And Burning Album Evisceration Plague

      53. Sanded Faceless Album Gore Obsessed

      54. Rancid Amputation Album Butchered at Birth

      55. Put Them To Death Album Eaten Back to Life

      56. The Discipline Of Revenge Album Kill

      57. Shredded Humans Album Eaten Back to Life

      58. Hammer Smashed Face (Live) (Bonus Track) Album Deadly Tracks

      59. Devoured By Vermin Album Vile

      60. Absolute Hatred Album Vile

      61. Torn Through Album Torture

      62. The Pick-Axe Murders Album The Bleeding

      63. Stabbed in the throat Album Gallery of Suicide

      64. Rabid Album Torture

      65. Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead Album Deadly Tracks

      66. Skewered From Ear To Eye Album Evisceration Plague

      67. Compelled to Lacerate Album Gore Obsessed

      68. Disfigured Album Vile

      69. When Death replaces Life Album Gore Obsessed

      70. Festering In The Crypt Album The Wretched Spawn

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