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      Skull Fragment Armor (Bonus)

      Skull Fragment Armor (Bonus)

      Cannibal Corpse

      Album: Evisceration Plague

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      Cannibal Corpse - Skull Fragment Armor (Bonus) Música y Letra

      Adversaries will cower
      In the wake of his appearance
      Clad with remains of their friends
      Bludgeoning them with power
      As they strain to make a defense
      The bringer of death descends
      Skull fragment armor
      It's a trophy of war
      Pieces of cleft craniums shield the gore
      Towering clad in bone
      Cranial plate mail spattered
      With the blood and brains of the foe
      Murdering dozens alone
      Countless skeletons shattered
      Rivers of fresh blood will flow
      Skull fragment armor
      Designed by the cruel
      Decimation is the only rule
      Hewing through a frightened face
      His rotting visage gleaming
      Demented lust for violence and pain
      Impervious to counter-strikes
      He mangles without feeling
      Only satisfied when all he sees are slain
      Another head collapses
      His spiked club dripping brain
      Torrents of blood are gushing from the hole
      Towering over corpses
      Nothing here still living
      He begins to scavenge, a killer with no soul
      Skull fragment armor
      Is a trophy of war

      Cannibal Corpse - Skull Fragment Armor (Bonus) Música y Letra



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