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      Caged… Contorted

      Caged… Contorted

      Cannibal Corpse

      Album: Torture

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      Cannibal Corpse - Caged… Contorted Música y Letra

      Abducted by a psychopath with evil intent
      Beaten to the point of unconsciousness
      Awakened by the sound of someone screaming in pain...
      Realizing now that you are trapped in a cage
      Arms and legs in disarray
      Bones have all been broken and your limbs are displaced
      Body in a horrible state
      Unbearable effluvium polluting the air
      A nauseating stench of death
      Maggots are all over on the walls and the floor
      Patiently awaiting for - your flesh...
      Numerous victims litter the room
      You are not the only one
      Various forms of torture
      Profaned existence for you all
      Strapped to tables - chained to the walls
      Fingers are reaching out between floorboards
      Others are floating in the air held up by hooks
      Drained of their lives...
      Caged...Contorted 2x
      Solo: Barrett
      Realizing now that you will die in this place
      Emaciating skin awaits
      For the maggots that will crawl onto your body and face
      The final phase of your demise...
      Paralyzing agony has left you for dead
      The psychopath returns to finish the task
      Dying to the sound of others creaming in pain...
      Caged... Contorted (2x)

      Cannibal Corpse - Caged… Contorted Música y Letra



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