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      Cannibal Corpse

      Album: Vile

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      Cannibal Corpse - Bloodlands Música y Letra

      I am lost and sickened
      Disoriented by this bleak environment
      How I came to be here escapes my memory
      This is a desert, deep scarlet grains
      Stretch the horizon and the sickly brown sky
      Gale force winds pepper my face
      The sand tastes foul, the sand tastes like blood
      Savagely cruel, barren expanse, the atmosphere, a
      caustic fog
      Every breath reminds me of pain
      Dust of dried blood filling my lungs
      On the horizon I see a chasm, a distant pulse begins to beat
      [Lead - Owen]
      Suddenly a flash, specter of the past
      Vision of mass murder, torrents of blood
      The vision quickly ends, the wasteland still beckons
      Plodding toward the chasm
      I hear rushing liquid
      My mind cannot conceive, the massacre I behold
      An infinite river of cadavers, buoyant in their own blood
      Vertigo engulfs my brain as my body falls and drops
      [Lead - Barrett]
      A million corpses staring
      Straining to survive, limbs flailing in the blood
      Grapple with headless bodies
      Hands of the dead are pulling my downward
      Drowning in this river
      Intestines are alive, like tentacles they choke
      Situation hopeless
      I submit to the fury of the river
      Paralyzed with terror
      Thousands of their thoughts are entering my mind
      Conscious on their level
      Every tortured death is experienced at once
      Drowning in their anguish
      Ordeal of their deaths now saturates my brain
      Vengeful corpses shrieking
      Genocide, genocide, genocide, genocide

      Cannibal Corpse - Bloodlands Música y Letra




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