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      Wrath Within

      Wrath Within

      Children Of Bodom

      Album: Hatebreeder

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      Children Of Bodom - Wrath Within Música y Letra

      Once I desire, eternity has come
      pull back, the tale is black, all we have to die
      You say so, I am invading vision - satisfy
      Once I look back, so miracle
      on a crib with the night
      Sensation, call me to die
      Look down, we have to sow and all waits to say go
      Once I desire, be back to hear this cry: let me out
      (And I am the first one, any want to die!?)
      With my salvation within your pain
      you gotta develop pain into your desires
      What it always about: you raise your pain
      why you can't desire your cold regained?
      Come on, get down
      I touch your legs, so cold, make me cold in the light,
      and I burn now, no pain
      Your pain seems so far away,
      so everything that's cold in light may die down
      You raise your pain and I kill your strain,
      anyway, I get into your desires my way
      I crave your pain;
      I can't swallow your pain: why you returned

      Children Of Bodom - Wrath Within Música y Letra



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