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      Once Upon The Cross

      Once Upon The Cross


      Album: Once Upon The Cross

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      Deicide - Once Upon The Cross Música y Letra

      Once upon the cross
      Fear him, fear him, fear him... Satan
      Nazarene in the valley of persuasion
      To receive last temptations from Lord Satan
      "Take a bite" said the serpent "eat of it"
      Without no choice to do so, you cannot resist
      Impaled crucifixion
      Compassion forgot
      Eternal damnation
      Once upon a cross
      Blasphemy laughs at thee
      Jesus you've been deceived
      Struggling on the cross
      Gagging to breathe
      Despite your god, question why
      You were retrieved by the angel of light
      Kill him, kill him, kill him... Satan
      Nazarene screaming on his crucifixion
      Prophecy in its final contradiction
      When you die is when the lie will be believed
      Upon the cross, before the world to see
      Once upon the cross
      2. Christ Denied
      Congregation congregated in his house of god
      Entombed by their almighty savior
      Revelations misinterpreted ignite his flame
      Removed from the human equation
      Retreat to death in burning flesh
      His dead disciples and their son of god
      Incineration of their prophecy
      Destroyed in failure
      You're unannounced and you're unobserved
      No longer worshipped in his world
      Apocalypse on insanity
      Self destruction of hypocrisy
      Suffering is yours, no tomorrow
      Killed with reason, unbelieved in
      In conception, you were warned
      Resurrection, christ denied
      Congregation immolated with his bastard son
      Confused by the rules of engagement
      Impregnating you defamated your grace with god
      Refused are the gates to salvation

      Deicide - Once Upon The Cross Música y Letra



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