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      Believe The Lie

      Believe The Lie


      Album: Serpents Of The Light

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      Deicide - Believe The Lie Música y Letra

      Time you died for your religion
      Hypnotized by his infliction
      Go to him, he is your savior
      Leave this place, do us a favor
      Believe the lie of a god you'll never know
      Prepare to die when you least expect to go
      A desperate mind will ignore reality
      The word of christ has you lost in fantasy
      Believe the lie to reside with him in death
      Conserve to buy into what he's promising
      Don't be so blind not to mind hypocrisy
      You just might find what you want can never be
      Take your life, be a true christian
      For the lies of his existence
      Sacrifice rendered unable
      Book of god, it is a fable
      Believe the lie to return from which we came
      The serpent's light has you mesmerized again
      When faith decides suicide at heaven's whim
      Believe the lie, you are saved from all your sins
      When is life worth a religion
      Ease your mind, make the incision
      Prey to him, incoming stranger
      Son of god dead in the manger

      Deicide - Believe The Lie Música y Letra



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