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      Absolute Sole Right

      Absolute Sole Right

      Dimmu Borgir

      Album: Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

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      Dimmu Borgir - Absolute Sole Right Música y Letra

      As cyclones detach from the world above
      And all the other worlds beneath them flow
      Timewinds caressing the dust of cold memories
      Sought, to strive in twilight mist and penal fire
      As daylight suffers, night time recollects
      For what wind hath drawn near, so near�
      Death has a contract on life and hell in-between
      What was once not certain is now foreseen
      When the pendulum is in it's reverse factor
      Rivers run red and skies turn black
      Accuracies of bloodbaths liberate from within
      Conquests of a crooked cross and its coming loss
      A magisterial maintenance of diabolic education
      Where the opposite of innocence paves way for intelligence
      Where pearls are chained for each tragic event
      The glorification of deviance in progress
      Liars in wait tries to quench their thirst for more
      Drowning victims of a parallel universe
      The scum of the earth, a rejoice of fouls
      The world hates you for being precise

      Dimmu Borgir - Absolute Sole Right Música y Letra



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