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      I've found

      I've found


      Album: Long Way Home

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      Dokken - I've found Música y Letra

      The morning rose
      You were always kind
      Can't believe we've found each other
      Waking for the rest of our lives
      I believed I'd never find
      Someone to believe in
      But there you were
      When I least expected it
      When I'd almost given up
      Lost my faith in love
      There you were
      Tried to hide my feelings still you know
      So I guess it's time I finally let it show
      I've found someone
      Who believes that love's a battle that's been won
      Seems a lifetime
      Past by
      Until I found a reason
      Someone to believe in I've found
      I thought despair
      Was just part of life
      But you showed me differently
      Smiling full of life as you said
      There'll be better days
      Just like rain we can't complain
      It's OK
      There'll be better days
      You and I so different
      Seems we're worlds apart
      Patience brings us closer we're not far

      Dokken - I've found Música y Letra



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