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      If it changes

      If it changes


      Album: Category 5

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      Firehouse - If it changes Música y Letra

      Somebody wake me, there's a stranger lying next to me
      And what we did last night was it purely physical
      Or did we have some kind of chemistry
      Hold me, do I feel like your reality
      Or are we dreaming and do you see me for my true personality
      So come with me and we can find a way yeah
      Has lady luck and circumstance 
      Brought us both here together today
      And out of the blue, I've fallen for you
      And I don't know what time or what day it is
      If this is a dream, then just let me sleep
      And don't wake me up if it changes
      Well can you feel me? is this real or is it fantasy?
      If this is make believe, then I don't want to leave
      I could stay here for eternity
      Tell me, does it feel like we have met before
      Some kind of deja vu, do you feel it too?
      Could my soul somehow connect to yours

      Firehouse - If it changes Música y Letra



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