Mis Listas de Música
      1. Dark Silence Album When Daylight's Gone

      2. When The Sky Turns Black Album When Daylight's Gone

      3. Tears Form My Eyes Album When Daylight's Gone

      4. Aeons Of Desolation Album When Daylight's Gone

      5. Lost Yourself Album When Daylight's Gone

      6. Far Away Album When Daylight's Gone

      7. Eternal Winds Album When Daylight's Gone

      8. Another Season Album When Daylight's Gone

      9. Awake Album When Daylight's Gone

      10. The reckoning Album Diabolical Figures

      11. Renaissance in Blood Album Engraved In Black

      12. Living Nightmare Album Fragments of Death

      13. Graveyard Of Angels Album As the Angels Reach the Beauty

      14. Which Way Album (N)Utopia

      15. Unhallowed By The Infernal One Album Scourge of Malice

      16. Losing My Religion (R.E.M. cover) (Bonustrack) Album (N)Utopia

      17. The Prophecy Album Fragments of Death

      18. Architects of hate Album Diabolical Figures

      19. Only Death In Our Wake Album Fragments of Death

      20. Pandemonium Album As the Angels Reach the Beauty

      21. Diabolic Figures Album Diabolical Figures

      22. Ceremonial Requiem Album As the Angels Reach the Beauty

      23. I - The Machine Album (N)Utopia

      24. Circus of the damned Album Diabolical Figures

      25. Ars Diaboli Album Scourge of Malice

      26. Nocturnal Hymns Album As the Angels Reach the Beauty

      27. Remembrance Album Fragments of Death

      28. Threnody Album Scourge of Malice

      29. Portrait Of A Deadly Nightshade Album As the Angels Reach the Beauty

      30. Beauty of Malice Album Engraved In Black

      31. See No Future Album Fragments of Death

      32. Forlorn Hope Album Diabolical Figures

      33. Never Enough Album (N)Utopia

      34. New disorder Album Diabolical Figures

      35. Absence Of Faith Album Fragments of Death

      36. (N)Utopia Album (N)Utopia

      37. Outside Down Album (N)Utopia

      38. Into The Dust Of Eden Album As the Angels Reach the Beauty

      39. The World Will Die In Flames Album Fragments of Death

      40. Drowned in Fear Album Engraved In Black

      41. Hells creation Album Diabolical Figures

      42. Apparition of Sorrow Album Engraved In Black

      43. Abandoned By Heaven Album Scourge of Malice

      44. Awake (Bonus Track) Album Fragments of Death

      45. Vengeance is sworn Album Diabolical Figures

      46. Thorns of Desolation Album Engraved In Black

      47. Demonic Dreams Album Scourge of Malice

      48. Dreaming Into Reality Album Engraved In Black

      49. Fear Of The Dark Album Scourge of Malice

      50. Where Angels Do Not Fly Album Fragments of Death

      51. Christian Woman (Type O Negative cover) Album Engraved In Black

      52. Deep Inside Album (N)Utopia

      53. Ignoreance of gods Album Diabolical Figures

      54. Anxiety (2) Album Fragments of Death

      55. Descending Into Ethereal Mist Album Scourge of Malice

      56. Insomnia Album Fragments of Death

      57. Behind The Curtain Of Darkness Album As the Angels Reach the Beauty

      58. Anxiety Album Fragments of Death

      59. Message in a bottle ( The Police cover) Album Diabolical Figures

      60. Prophecies In Blood Album As the Angels Reach the Beauty

      61. Abhorrence Album Engraved In Black

      62. Timeless Album (N)Utopia

      63. In Vengeance Of Our Wrath Album Scourge of Malice

      64. Tears from my Eyes Album When Daylight's Gone

      65. Old Forgotten Song Album Fragments of Death

      66. Hateful Design Album (N)Utopia

      67. Dreaded Time Album Scourge of Malice

      68. Sanctity Within Darkness Album Scourge of Malice

      69. MCMXCII Album (N)Utopia

      70. It's A Sin (Pet Shop Boys cover) Album Engraved In Black

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