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      Drowned in Fear

      Drowned in Fear


      Album: Engraved In Black

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      Graveworm - Drowned in Fear Música y Letra

      Dark powers manifest
      Spiteful horrors crush the sky
      Escape from the twilight of a blackened mind
      Blood of our enemies
      As time shows no change
      Embrace by the veil of malicious death
      A story told of suffering, blood and pain
      Screaming of hate the demons now descend
      Smell of dying flowers
      Enchanted voices dies
      War cry from the darkness, loud and weird
      Resistance of mankind
      A small flame of hope
      Show no mercy, the time has come to fight
      The world is dying and here we all die
      Screaming, crying, fighting with fear
      Into silent shadows
      From nowhere to the deep
      While the wicked soul are still crying in despair
      Children of the night
      They shall rise again
      Shining like the blood of forgotten unlight
      By nocturnal powers fall into the abyss
      Slaves of gods - prepare to die
      Prepare to die
      Darkness hold the secrets of every human fear
      Beside the ancient lake - beneath the spelling moon
      Prophecies in blood - thunderstorm and rain
      Across the field of burial ground
      Storm of death swept away defence
      Fight for the truth, die for the faith
      Damned in fear, fall into the depths
      They coming again and again
      For victory we ride
      Revenge of our land
      The time when we will strike back
      With swords in our hand
      With straight in our heart
      Again we march side by side
      Remember the last breath
      Of killed human friends
      Remember the pain in their eyes
      For revenge of their life
      We fight until the end
      With honour and pride we die

      Graveworm - Drowned in Fear Música y Letra



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