Mis Listas de Música
      1. All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You Album Brigade

      2. Alone Album Bad Animals

      3. How Can I Refuse Album Rock The House Live!

      4. If Looks Could Kill Album Heart

      5. Even It Up Album Bebe Le Strange

      6. Love Alive Album Little Queen

      7. Who Will You Run To Album Bad Animals

      8. These Dreams Album Heart

      9. Barracuda Album Little Queen

      10. We Gotta Get Out of This Place (feat. Wynonna) Album Hope And Glory

      11. Magic Man Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      12. La Mujer Que Hay En Mi Album Desire Walks On

      13. Wild Child Album Brigade

      14. Isolation Album Hope And Glory

      15. Barracuda Album Rock The House Live!

      16. Fallen from Grace Album Brigade

      17. Move On Album Jupiter´s Darling

      18. Pilot Album Bebe Le Strange

      19. The Way Back Album Rock The House Live!

      20. Sweet Darlin' Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      21. Dream of the Archer Album Little Queen

      22. Bebe Le Strange Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      23. Little Problems Little Lies Album Hope And Glory

      24. Desire Walks On Album Desire Walks On

      25. Silver Wheels Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      26. Te Quedaras (En La Mañana) Album Desire Walks On

      27. RSVP Album Bad Animals

      28. Shell Shock Album Rock The House Live!

      29. Say Hello Album Little Queen

      30. Raised On You Album Bebe Le Strange

      31. Without You Album Magazine

      32. One Word Album Private Audition

      33. Under the Sky Album Brigade

      34. Barracuda Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      35. Straight On Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      36. Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger Album Rock The House Live!

      37. Mistral Wind Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      38. What About Love Album Heart

      39. I want your world to Turn Album Brigade

      40. Anything Is Possible Album Desire Walks On

      41. Enough Album Jupiter´s Darling

      42. Blue Guitar Album Passionworks

      43. Dog And Butterfly Album The Road Home

      44. White Lightning & Wine Album Dreamboat Annie

      45. In Walks The Night Album Desire Walks On

      46. Rage Album Desire Walks On

      47. I Love You Album Brigade

      48. Desire Album Desire Walks On

      49. (Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song Album Dreamboat Annie

      50. Rock And Roll Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      51. Lighter Touch Album Dog and Butterfly

      52. Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall (feat. Rufus Wainwright and Shawn Colvin) Album Hope And Glory

      53. Easy Target Album Bad Animals

      54. Soul Of The Sea Album Dreamboat Annie

      55. The Wolf Album Heart

      56. Down The Nile Album Jupiter´s Darling

      57. This Man Is Mine Album Private Audition

      58. Make Me Album Jupiter´s Darling

      59. Heartless Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      60. Bad Animals Album Bad Animals

      61. My Crazy Head Album Desire Walks On

      62. Bright Light Girl Album Private Audition

      63. Dog & Butterfly Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      64. The Road Home Album The Road Home

      65. Voodoo Doll Album Desire Walks On

      66. Angels Album Private Audition

      67. Dreamboat Annie Album Greatest Hits: 1985–1995

      68. Magic Man Album Dreamboat Annie

      69. The Woman In Me Album Desire Walks On

      70. Just The Wine Album Magazine

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