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      Hordes to War

      Hordes to War


      Album: All Shall Fall

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      Immortal - Hordes to War Música y Letra

      Gather attack while death march in the sky
      Ride through the heavens with power
      The hammer of battle pound hard from above
      All doomed and damned in death's hour
      Armies' formations winged in death's sky
      Storming from the other side
      Apocalypse dawns at the fiery command
      Above the great battle fly
      Chaos and fire to deafening sounds
      Nearting from the other side
      Last march for the battling hordes
      Annihilation on the rise
      Now proud all watch them by Nordlight we ride
      Warrios with cold blazing eyes
      Speeding on wind the fierce holocaust rises
      Legions of black hold the sky
      Hordes of war come storming forth
      Coldblooded warriors of holocaust
      Death stares out from their blinding fearless eyes
      The sign of evil burns inside
      Smell of death now as we ride through holocaust
      Burning souls fall from the sky
      Across the tide of pure apocalypse
      Come waving flames to burn you all
      Descent from the valley bursting through all
      Released now is the black burning sound
      Those who oppose shall be eternally destroyed

      Immortal - Hordes to War Música y Letra



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