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      Norden on Fire

      Norden on Fire


      Album: All Shall Fall

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      Immortal - Norden on Fire Música y Letra

      Black fire burns the horizon
      Ravens fly high in the sky
      A breeze lifts the fog from the ice
      As the winter predicts our fall
      The last tide of honour now rises
      With greatness and frost in its eye
      A pale sun gleams upon the masses
      All mountains stand proud in its tall
      The winds speed upon our twilight
      Thundersnow falls from the sky
      Snowstorm that blind upon my eyes
      From the clouds of red they are thrown
      A thousand miles winter surround us
      The dark marches while the world falls
      The storm of the millennium rises
      In massive size I hear its call
      Beast of prey from the north arise
      A force of strength none can defy
      Unleashed from the gates a giant storm
      To an end it all shall come
      Mighty deeps of north world call
      The power is at hand
      Apocalypse brought by will
      Scattered winds blow at you all
      Bewinged by darkness from the cold
      Come the order of chaos
      Spread by winter, hate and storms
      The final days descend the fall
      The worlds ends just as it began
      Cold winters claws grips at us all
      All to be - not to be revealed
      The prophecies' truth upon all
      The curse is a force that we onward
      Freezing and breathing at us...
      No far from the forest abounded
      The ravens warn us and call...

      Immortal - Norden on Fire Música y Letra



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