Mis Listas de Música
      1. Ace of Spades Album Ace of Spades

      2. The Game Album Hammered

      3. Heartbreaker Album Aftershock

      4. Jumpin' Jack Flash (bonus track) Album Bastards

      5. Overkill Album Overkill

      6. Motorhead Album Motörhead

      7. Jailbait Album Ace of Spades

      8. (We Are) The Road Crew Album Ace of Spades

      9. Orgasmatron Album Orgasmatron

      10. Vibrator Album Motörhead

      11. You Better Run Album March ör Die

      12. Red Raw Album Hammered

      13. Bye bye bitch bye bye Album The World Is Yours

      14. I Don't Believe A Word Album Overnight Sensation

      15. Lost Woman Blues Album Aftershock

      16. Rock 'n' Roll Album Rock 'n' Roll

      17. Be My Baby Album Kiss of Death

      18. Lemmy Goes To The Pub Album Iron Fist

      19. Christine Album Kiss of Death

      20. Coup De Grace Album Aftershock

      21. Queen Of The Damned Album Aftershock

      22. Crying Shame Album Aftershock

      23. Born to lose Album The World Is Yours

      24. Damage Case Album Overkill

      25. End Of Time Album Aftershock

      26. One More Fucking Time Album We Are Motorhead

      27. I Know how to die Album The World Is Yours

      28. Hellraiser Album March ör Die

      29. Too Good To Be True Album March ör Die

      30. I'm Your Witch Doctor Album Motörhead

      31. Love Me Like A Reptile Album Ace of Spades

      32. Love Me Forever Album 1916

      33. Killers Album Inferno

      34. Wake The Dead Album We Are Motorhead

      35. Silence When You Speak To Me Album Aftershock

      36. White Line Fever Album Motörhead

      37. All for You Album Rock 'n' Roll

      38. Going To Mexico Album Aftershock

      39. On The Road (Live) Album Orgasmatron

      40. Listen To Your Heart Album Overnight Sensation

      41. Loser Album Iron Fist

      42. Live To Win Album Ace of Spades

      43. God Save The Queen Album We Are Motorhead

      44. Death Or Glory Album Bastards

      45. Desperate for You Album Snake Bite Love

      46. Down the Line Album Hammered

      47. Crazy Like A Fox Album Overnight Sensation

      48. Ridin' With The Driver Album Orgasmatron

      49. Cat Scratch Fever Album March ör Die

      50. I Am The Sword Album Bastards

      51. I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care Album 1916

      52. Dog-Face Boy Album Sacrifice

      53. (Don't Need) Religion Album Iron Fist

      54. Capricorn Album Overkill

      55. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch Album Ace of Spades

      56. Dogs of War Album Snake Bite Love

      57. Lost In The Ozone Album Bastards

      58. Murder Show Album Overnight Sensation

      59. Burner Album Bastards

      60. Turn You Around Album Another Perfect Day

      61. Tear Ya Down Album Overkill

      62. One Night Stand Album Kiss of Death

      63. Get back in line Album The World Is Yours

      64. Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers Album Motörhead

      65. Death Machine Album Aftershock

      66. Mine All Mine Album Hammered

      67. Name In Vain Album March ör Die

      68. On Parole Album Motörhead

      69. Louie Louie Album Overkill

      70. Waiting for the snake Album The World Is Yours

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