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      The Dreadful Hours

      The Dreadful Hours

      My Dying Bride

      Album: The Dreadful Hours

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      My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours Música y Letra

      Mother will you take me down?
      I have become so afraid
      Mother please, please take me down
      Sorry, your boy is not brave
      Child just hold on. Night will soon be gone
      Sleep if you can. But watch your father's hand
      We do not want you. No-body loves you
      Father of the dark. Tonight will greet you
      God in heaven, can you hear me
      Help me, oh, Lord. They're coming for me
      Mother warned me. Father scorned me
      Oh my God. No. Now I hear him
      I claim your life on this night
      within sight of your own God
      The silence, the waiting then the pain
      Oh child, sleep will be here soon
      Your life has only ever been shame
      And so young boy, my hand brings doom
      Child, won't you awake. Father has gone
      Child, please come awake. Please my tiny son

      My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours Música y Letra



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