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      Romanticide (Live)

      Romanticide (Live)


      Album: Showtime, Storytime

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      Nightwish - Romanticide (Live) Música y Letra

      Godlove and rest my soul
      With this sundown neverending
      The feel is gone yet you ain't gonna see me fail
      I am the decadence of your world
      I am an eider covered in oil
      Happy hunting, you double-faced carnivore
      Tell me why
      No heart to cry
      Hang me high
      The music is dead, the amen is said
      The kiss of faith is what I beg
      A loving heart 'n soul for sale
      Tell me why...
      Leave me be
      And cease to tell me how to feel
      To grieve, to shield myself from evil
      Leave me be
      Od of lies is killing me
      Till love do me part
      See me ruined by my own creations
      Leave me be...
      Dead Boy's alive but without sense
      I need a near-death experience
      Heart once bold
      Now turned to stone
      Perfection my messenger from hell
      Wine turns to water
      Campfires freeze, loveletters burn
      Romance is lost
      Lord, let me be wrong in this pain
      Temporary pain, eternal shame
      To take part in this devil's chess game
      Spit on me, let go, get rid of me
      And try to survive your stupidity

      Nightwish - Romanticide (Live) Música y Letra



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