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      I Am Vengeance

      I Am Vengeance


      Album: Review Your Choices

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      Pentagram - I Am Vengeance Música y Letra

      Many ways the mind will stand unnatural limits of pain
      The child hopelessly searching sanctuary lost in the rain
      The point that pierces and poisons, impregnates the vein
      Later only to wonder why we're on the board
      Just to conclude by being driven insane
      Seems there's no way around it out, ha
      For one must be the hunter, the other labeled prey
      As sirens fade in the night, ha ha
      I am Vengeance, the Game, Yeah
      That's what I'm talkin' about
      Always to continue the on and ons
      Their trickery designed for our own brain,
      But just one original can stay the same
      Etched unscathed indelible to prevail for reign
      And malice looks like you shadow
      like the wolf to the bane, yeah
      Performance forever keeps the search for fame
      Close your eyes but never sleep
      Keep alarm to the mind as life slowly creeps
      to be sucked down the drain
      Just please remember, and forget never
      Better listen because - ha! -
      I am Vengeance, the Game, yeah
      C'mon baby, yeah, mmmm-mmmm-mmm
      Father such a merciful
      Said father such a merciful, yeah
      Well father won't you have mercy on me please
      Look here, I'm down on my knees
      Have mercy on my soul
      Watch this
      Father such a merciful Pearcy
      Your warped figure we see manifest the hurt, see? Ha!
      Or should I think that maybe something's just a little
      tilt to you divine nursery
      And it may be possible this little tiny
      devout-like spit to the griddle
      The making over requires and order for some surgery

      Pentagram - I Am Vengeance Música y Letra



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