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      Album: Review Your Choices

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      Pentagram - Megalania Música y Letra

      Some of you say may claim to amuse
      And once shown you'll insist it's a ruse
      Then those who fought the battle could only lose
      For in it time megalania rules, there's no use
      More than simply a meal without a match
      And though the crocodile has his snap neck latch
      To a mortal man a fearsome catch
      Ha! Even it would cower when the young would hatch
      Crocodile strides but only with bursts of speed
      Just another handicap that the lizard didn't need
      No need to stop at all, megalania challenge and then they all fall
      At 25 or 30 feet only it fed on warm blood 'n' meat
      And rand a torrid sprint with a 40 mile pace
      Or kept the strength at a distance race
      Don't trip or you'll find yourself a nice hiding place
      One glance strikes the fear of god in you face
      No logic pulls toward you time
      For it came through the ice age with no reason or rhyme, yeah
      What I said
      Abandoned with the past down under
      Even in the bush staggered with thunder
      Mmm-hmmm, nightmare, everyone's here
      A megalania again has appeared
      That's right
      I know the rumble, it's only him
      Perhaps your torso, or just a limb
      And crush and maul in the night of the iguana
      Please commence the demon even though you don't wanna, ha!
      Only mounties charter him well
      Ten megalania back to hell, alright

      Pentagram - Megalania Música y Letra



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