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      Album: Show 'em How

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      Pentagram - Catwalk Música y Letra

      Crimson lace and your pretty face I don't need ya
      I don't know what's behind this strange embrace but I don't need ya
      Well the feelings rise and your wondering eyes should I tease ya?
      I guess it was all to my surprise I wanna please ya
      And I'm out on a Catwalk so why don't you come and rescue me yeah
      You're a rocket ride in your own kinda way that you love me
      And you've heard all about mistreaters not you come love me
      Well I need you little woman I'm a gypsy on a tight rope so hold me
      You're a message from hell I sill love ya because the devil he told me
      I'm out on a tight wire don't let go you control me
      Well alright!
      Hey world go away I wanna get off at the very next stop
      You better take away the lady cause I think I THINK my minds gonna pop
      I need a rocket reducer cause I want this ride to stop
      It was o.k. for a while but I'm hopin' that soon you're gonna give up
      So I guess I'll stay on my Catwalk no one can touch me there Yeah

      Pentagram - Catwalk Música y Letra



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