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      City Romance

      City Romance


      Album: Show 'em How

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      Pentagram - City Romance Música y Letra

      I used to hear really clear
      the distortion that would rally my ear
      took me 'round to this concrete town
      called and pulled like a magnet no fear
      And at night I held tight to the dark
      City noose 'round my neck but I knew I'd never break
      I love to bay at the moon while all the other dogs barked
      I like the rainy bloody feel
      of the city romancin' me
      Never quite get my fill
      The city always took its chance with me
      All of the sudden I'd been caught
      cause the underbelly in my soul had seemed bought
      Closer I step to the edge of the ledge
      where inferno meets ice my god! ow it went to my head
      If I ventured any further to the end of the board
      I like the "thrill of the kill" the "shudder click"
      I'd be a bull seein' red
      Don't not a one of you forget what I said
      I want s' more rainy bloody chill
      I need the city romancin' me
      I never seem to stand still
      My destined will can you hear me Yeah alright
      I feel the thunder
      Don't forget what I said
      Smokestack lightning is my bed
      Once more the rainy bloody chill in the air
      I need the city romance can't stand still there
      ooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww Yeah!
      HUH, alright, gitit, shit, c'mon, thats it
      that's what I said, now listen
      The sidewalks have engraved in them my name
      but on this Broadway no flash no flame
      And whether it's wrong or right
      I hear my partner in the wind howl no bark just bite
      I guess I'm stuck being a gambler
      for the rest of me it's my destiny
      And people might think I walk this fine line for spite
      so when you lay resting look real close at tonight and your life
      For the glowing rope outside
      your window yeah baby
      It might be a time for your ride
      I need the concrete deep inside yeah!

      Pentagram - City Romance Música y Letra



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