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      Wheel Of Fortune

      Wheel Of Fortune


      Album: Show 'em How

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      Pentagram - Wheel Of Fortune Música y Letra

      You say you got something to offer it don't mean a thing to me
      I wish you'd just let me suffer, I've already seen
      The years went flyin' by and I was lookin' for a 74
      As long as I had me no love its gonna be another locked door
      I need you to need me
      Right now
      Expect me to struggle
      Aawww make it anyhow
      Ain't no stopping once this wheel starts to turn
      I got and empty spot in my heart for your love that's burnin'
      Just try and have me some fun baby you gotta believe it whoo
      Once you get my love again you'll never leave it
      I wanna all night lollipop
      sure got the style
      I just want you to bring me up
      Even if it's only for a while ooowww!!
      You better look whats goin' on with me
      Well I need something baby you know what it's got to be
      There ain't no stoppin' now your on a trip goin' all the way up
      Must be a wheel of fortune honey I never stop
      I want a all night lollipop
      Yeah you got the style
      I want you to bring me up
      Even if its only for a while, eah,rrrwhew
      I got to stay on the move
      And you sure get me in the mood ya know
      I'm a wheel of fortune
      'bout to make my turn on you, eahh, eahh,
      rrrroww, now now, alright

      Pentagram - Wheel Of Fortune Música y Letra



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