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      Album: Sub-Basement

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      Pentagram - Sub-Basement Música y Letra

      Ever since I started out I keep on sinking' in the pit
      times change called my name told me that
      I'd grow out of it
      out of step and time
      ain't worth a dime
      or they told me so
      I'll stay a wrong sided hit
      I don't like what's on the radio
      torn down and been condemned
      like a tenement now
      but in the trap door cellar
      there's a special lamp glow
      and still down deeper
      where you cannot see with eyes
      is the ramp to the damp
      where the sub-basement cries
      no escape
      through the years and the tears
      under black cloud skies
      seems the lower that I go
      is where my true heart lies
      and when I'm stuck in the thick of it
      there's no need to roam
      some think of me as fried but it's a choice all my own
      I've been called a dinosaur relic
      stuck in the twilight zone
      but sticking' in the sub-basement
      keeps me lit to the bone
      like the bats hanging dormant
      in their nocturnal fleet
      I'm still around underground
      getting' my peace without sleep
      no escape
      there's no way out
      no doubt
      no way out
      so when the strands on the spiders loom
      cast a glow in the room
      won't be long for the web has caught a new prey for doom
      and there ain't no worry
      about any fee or rent
      as long as cement songs keep climbing
      out of the sub-basement
      ain't no worry about no fee
      and there ain't any rent
      as long as cement songs keep climbing' out of the
      no escape
      ain't no doubt - no way out - no doubt
      sssshhhh - aaaahhhh

      Pentagram - Sub-Basement Música y Letra



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