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      Morphine Child

      Morphine Child


      Album: Poets and Madmen

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      Savatage - Morphine Child Música y Letra

      There's a thief on a summer's night
      Across an ocean
      Who sees another's life fading away
      And of this life he writes
      Without emotion
      Then pushes it from sight
      Somewhere faraway
      To a distant land
      Every tear betrayed
      And never makes
      And never makes
      And never makes
      And never makes a stand
      Makes a stand
      Lord there's something wrong
      Makes a stand
      Could a star's forgotten light
      A child's devotion
      Embrace eternal night
      In shallow graves
      As we watch from distant heights
      No breath or motion
      Still every ghost must haunt in its own way
      Sleep beneath my dreams
      Safe within my hands
      Where I never under
      Never under
      Never understand
      Lord there's something wrong
      No one remembers
      No one denies
      No one asks questions
      No one replies
      Here nothing enters
      Nothing departs
      Here nothing's ended
      If nothing starts
      In your life could you carry on
      Could you never think about it
      Till in time you start to doubt it
      Then you close your eyes
      Is it really gone
      How in truth can you defend her
      If you're really not remembering
      No regrets
      If you just forget
      If a memory is lenient
      You can find it most convenient
      So you let it fade
      Till it's very vague
      Just a silhouette of shadows
      But the shadows are still lingering
      Still I hold you there
      With your endless stare
      I'm too old to be living this
      Lived to long to be given this
      Can our god be forgiving this
      I had a light that shined
      Across my mind
      Rarely see it any more
      Now it is mostly dark
      Except for sparks
      Can't remember what they're for
      I am the morphine child
      The dream defiled
      The never ending metaphor
      I am the wizard oz
      Result and cause
      Never look behind that door
      Never listen to the crowd before me
      Never listen to the self ordained
      Never really wanted to believe it any way
      Time is fading
      Night is calling
      I am on my way
      Turn around turn around
      Turn around turn around
      Time is fading
      Night is calling
      I am on my...

      Savatage - Morphine Child Música y Letra



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