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      Agony And Ecstasy

      Agony And Ecstasy


      Album: Streets: A Rock Opera

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      Savatage - Agony And Ecstasy Música y Letra

      Listen to me
      From deep down inside
      I'm the madness that just
      Will not die
      With no regrets
      Of what I'll do to you
      Before the night is over
      You'll be crawling to me
      You call me when you're weak
      For me you'll lie and cheat
      You'll never get away
      With me you're here to stay
      Listen D.T. can't you see
      Stay with me and you'll be free
      Even as I soothe your soul
      I tear you down and make you old
      You just keep on coming back
      To buy another nickel sack
      Twelve o'clock time to greet
      Agony and ecstasy
      I'm the cry from within
      From when your day begins
      You'll follow me like sheep
      This shepherd never sleeps
      So tell me what's your price
      Came skate on my ice
      My blades they never rust
      I'm asking you to trust
      Listen now the time is right
      And what a way to start the night
      Spend your money endlessly
      Another grand insanity
      So D.T. here is the plan
      I'll make your brain a rubber band
      Time to stretch it out and see
      Agony and Ecstasy
      Feel my whisper through your haze of pain
      Feel the calling of a neon vein
      I'm the name upon your soul's marquee
      I am agony and ecstasy
      And just remember
      If you ever need me I'm here

      Savatage - Agony And Ecstasy Música y Letra



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