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      On The Wane

      On The Wane


      Album: At Sixes and Sevens

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      Sirenia - On The Wane Música y Letra

      Do you live a lie?
      Are you lost in life?
      On the wane tonight
      like every night
      Do you live a lie?
      Would you like to try?
      In this world of vainly missions
      I''m a god of superstition
      Would you grant me a savage prison?
      within the walls of your decisions
      If you hurt me I won''t recover
      Don''t you turn me down
      We are all living a lie
      would you like to try?
      In these halls of time
      we are all giving
      in for another day
      We shall pass away
      on the break of day
      We''re lost anyway
      Do you live a lie?
      Do you stand me by?
      Would you cope for my existence?
      Would you last or cease persistence?
      I''m the moon and the seventh dreamer
      you''re the hewn and a lost redeemer
      Heavenworks for a welkin at dusk
      you''re a frail outcast
      "Recall the fragments of a broken life
      just like a shattered soul divine
      You are the treason-reflecting eyes
      You are the darkness that sets in every light"

      Sirenia - On The Wane Música y Letra



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