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      Absent Without Leave

      Absent Without Leave


      Album: Nine Destinies and a Downfall

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      Sirenia - Absent Without Leave Música y Letra

      I can feel the eyes of your despair
      Even where you're not here
      I can feel your pain within myself
      It's still keeping me down here
      Life keeps on growing colder year by year
      With a winter heart and my frozen tears
      I stand lone to face my darkest fears
      I've been wasting away, I've been fading inside
      I've been drifting away from the lights in my life
      I've been living in vain, living insane
      I've been tripping down all the darkest of lanes
      There's a shadow that dwells inside your head
      Within mine as well
      Turns our lives into a living hell
      Like a curse and a spell
      I've been drifting away from days of light
      I've been swept away far into the night
      I guess I'll never ever make it back
      On a morning, a summer dawn
      You speak in riddles and rhymes
      From a distance your life it seems
      Like a frozen heart in neon dreams

      Sirenia - Absent Without Leave Música y Letra



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