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      A Blizzard Is Storming

      A Blizzard Is Storming


      Album: Perils of the Deep Blue

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      Sirenia - A Blizzard Is Storming Música y Letra

      I keep wandering through the storm
      Burdened by the oaths I've sworn
      I assure you it's a tragic life form
      I'm a wanderer in the dark
      Here's no light, not even a spark
      And the darkness got a grip on my heart
      This is the call
      This is the wall
      This is the fall
      Deep inside
      A blizzard is storming
      My heart is in mourning
      Feel the night
      Darken my feelings
      My soul's shattered and bleeding
      Onwards and onwards I go
      But to where I do not know
      I keep on making my way
      Through the snow
      There's no shelter here to find
      No shred of hope left on my mind
      And my guardian angel left me behind
      Here comes the storm
      My heart's outworn
      My soul is frozen to the core
      A burned out life
      All dead inside
      An endless night of frost and strife

      Sirenia - A Blizzard Is Storming Música y Letra



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