Mis Listas de Música
      1. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World Album All You Can Eat

      2. Why can't you trust me Album Ball's Out

      3. If I Was The King Album All You Can Eat

      4. Pussywhipped Album All You Can Eat

      5. Hell's on fire Album Feel the Steel

      6. Supersonic sex machine Album Ball's Out

      7. Fucking My Heart In The Ass Album All You Can Eat

      8. Stripper Girl Album British Invasion

      9. Girl from oklahoma Album Feel the Steel

      10. Community property Album Feel the Steel

      11. Asian hooker Album Feel the Steel

      12. Asian Hooker Album British Invasion

      13. Gloryhole Album All You Can Eat

      14. Lexxi Pusses Out Album Hole Patrol

      15. Tomorrow night Album Ball's Out

      16. Stripper girl Album Feel the Steel

      17. Metal Shop Album Hole Patrol

      18. Fat Girl Album British Invasion

      19. If you really, really love me Album Ball's Out

      20. She's On The Rag Album All You Can Eat

      21. Weenie ride Album Ball's Out

      22. Girl From Oklahoma Album British Invasion

      23. Death to all but metal Album Feel the Steel

      24. 17 girls in a row Album Ball's Out

      25. Gold-digging whore Album Ball's Out

      26. Fat girl (thar she blows) Album Feel the Steel

      27. Eyes of a panther Album Feel the Steel

      28. Party all day Album Feel the Steel

      29. The shocker Album Feel the Steel

      30. B.V.S. Album All You Can Eat

      31. Critter Album Ball's Out

      32. Bukakke Tears Album All You Can Eat

      33. Hair Solo Album British Invasion

      34. Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) Album Hole Patrol

      35. Is It Hot in Here Album Hole Patrol

      36. Hell's on Fire Album Hole Patrol

      37. Cleveland Rocks Album Hole Patrol

      38. Satan's Intro Album Hole Patrol

      39. Just like tiger woods Album Ball's Out

      40. The Burden Of Being Wonderful Album All You Can Eat

      41. Death To All But Metal Album British Invasion

      42. That's what girls are for Album Ball's Out

      43. In the future Album Ball's Out

      44. Party All Day Album British Invasion

      45. It won't suck itself Album Ball's Out

      46. Credits Album British Invasion

      47. Ten Strikes You're Out Album All You Can Eat

      48. Gangbang At The Old Folks Home Album All You Can Eat

      49. We Want Pussy Album British Invasion

      50. Eyes Of A Panther Album British Invasion

      51. Big Boobs Album Hole Patrol

      52. Eatin' ain't cheatin' Album Feel the Steel

      53. Turn out the lights Album Feel the Steel

      54. Michael Falls in Love Album Hole Patrol

      55. Turn Out The Lights Album British Invasion

      56. Big boobs [bonus track] Album Feel the Steel

      57. Community Property Album British Invasion

      58. You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk Album All You Can Eat

      59. Turn out the lights [single version] Album Feel the Steel

      60. Let me cum in Album Ball's Out

      61. Stripper Girl Album Hole Patrol

      62. The Shocker Album British Invasion

      63. I like drugs Album Ball's Out

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