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      Symphony X

      Album: The Odyssey

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      Symphony X - awakenings Música y Letra

      Needless to say, another day has passed away
      Yet everything, and nothing, has changed
      Awake I lie, my thoughts get lost up in the sky
      Yet everything, and nothing, has changed...
      Maybe a mystic - with fortunes to tell...
      Surrender my coin at the old wishing well...
      Maybe the stars will align in the night...
      To show me the path that is right
      'Would've been's and 'could've been's
      they waste my days away
      the colors of my life dissolve and fade to gray
      So many paths of promise
      Indecision poisons my mind
      If only I had seen the signs - so blind
      Yet I must journey on - on and on
      A haunting vision torments me
      It smothers and steals my dreams
      I see an old man in the mirror
      cold and bitter starring back at me
      Here I am - at the crossing of life I stand
      On my own - looking down the road
      Hear my cry - answer me
      Still I'm searching yet the truth is unknown - though the night is cold
      I walk the road alone

      Symphony X - awakenings Música y Letra



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