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      Wake up (The Sleeping Giant)

      Wake up (The Sleeping Giant)

      Twisted Sister

      Album: Love Is for Suckers

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      Twisted Sister - Wake up (The Sleeping Giant) Música y Letra

      Gather 'round us, join with the band
      Together we're stronger, together we'll stand
      Say what can you do, well, we've got a plan
      And we're gonna take you to the promised land
      It's time to remember, it's time to move on
      They've pushed it too far, they don't know what they've done
      If it's a fight that they want then it's a fight that they'll get
      We never lose, honey so place your bets
      Long ago and far away
      We had a voice, you know that we had a say
      We won't live for yesterday
      Ready or not, we're gonna have our way
      We got the numbers, yeah, we got the might
      We got the strenght and we got the right
      We got the reason, yeah, we got the night
      So wake up the sleeping giant
      Not one more minute, not one more day
      We've waited too long, can't let our chance slip away
      We won't stop 'til we get it, we won't stop 'til we're done
      We'll bite and we'll claw until they've lost and we've won
      We took all we're gonna take
      It's got to stop, you know there's too much at stake
      Who the hell are they to say
      What we can do and how we can play
      Wake up the sleeping giant
      Wake up the sleeping giant
      Let's push to the limit, so let's push 'til we're home
      We've been good too long, they wouldn't leave us alone
      It's our rights they're abusing, it's our right to fight back
      So rally the troops and let's start the attack
      We got the numbers, you know we got the might
      Wake up the sleeping giant
      We got the reason and we're ready to fight
      Wake up the sleeping giant

      Twisted Sister - Wake up (The Sleeping Giant) Música y Letra




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