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      Forever Underground

      Forever Underground

      Vital Remains

      Album: Forever Underground

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      Vital Remains - Forever Underground Música y Letra

      Anger and hatred pumping through my veins
      Rivers of blood, flowing just the same
      I swear to you this, this war I'll never give up
      As long as I live, my life to you I trust
      We swing our swords, we wield our axe
      We drink the blood, the souls we'll smash
      We sound the horns, no turning back
      Forever True, Forever Black
      Do what thou wilt shall be our law
      Only this nothing more
      Our carnal desires, sights of celebration
      We clearly see our destination
      Rise up, gather up, sharpen the swords
      Rise up armour on, gather the hoards
      Rise up battle won, our just reward
      Giving our heat and soul, over to you
      Only one can imagine, the things that you do
      Sacrifice our lives, so we can be free
      We are of living flesh, can you not see?
      [Repeat verse 1 and 2]
      I am forever underground

      Vital Remains - Forever Underground Música y Letra



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