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      Cold Sweat

      Cold Sweat


      Album: Warrant & La Guns Live USA

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      Warrant - Cold Sweat Música y Letra

      I've got alligator shoes 
      And I've beeb makin' news 
      I've got plenty of women 
      I've got plenty of booze 
      (Give me a shot) 
      Walked into the spot light 
      At the local bar and grill 
      Find a down and dirty woman 
      Well I'm gonna take my fill 
      Look right into her bloodshot eyes and 
      Scream my honey, I'm gonna make you mine 
      I paid the tab 
      I called a cab 
      Went back to my place 
      Had a hell of a time 
      I get excited 
      I feel loose 
      I move to quick and I get 
      Caught in your noose 
      (And I sweat) 
      Every time that we touch 
      (And I sweat) 
      I get the chills up and down my spine 
      (Cold sweat) You bet, You bet 
      Its a midnight stage freight 
      Ice cold sweat 
      Ooh we went home 
      All alone 
      Then we turned down the lights 
      And unpluged the phone 
      Well I'm a snake 
      But I'm no liar 
      Makin' love to me is like 
      Pouring gasoinline on a fire 
      I feel loose 
      I move to quick and I get caught in your noose 
      All I want is a little action 
      Ooh a little bit of satisfaction 
      You beat me down 
      Then kick me out 
      So scream and shout 
      And shout shout 
      Oh yeah 
      Then I sweat (4X'S) 
      Sweat, (Cold sweat) 
      I get the feeling every time 
      We fu fu fu fu fu 
      You bet you bet 
      Ice Cold

      Warrant - Cold Sweat Música y Letra




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